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Tycho Brahe

Susan Sounds Off on Unrelated Topics!

Posted on 2009.03.19 at 11:09
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Such as...

Long-Term Planning: I am in desperate need of a proper planner. The kind with tabs and insertable whatsits that one carries everywhere. This is because I fail at scheduling, due to what I will call a "future-perception deficiency." I hate being late to things, and I hate missing appointments, to the point where I'll have anxiety dreams nearly every night about sleeping through work. About a week and a half into the future, though, this perception deficiency thing kicks in. Anything coming up more than two weeks in advance registers in my brain as occurring in some diaphanous World Of Tomorrow. I'll have a dim idea that it's coming up, but not in any time frame that would make it immediately relevant. Events which occupy this slot also include my impending meeting with the Flex Plan representative at work, the Rapture, tax day, and my own eventual death. Month changeovers do this too-- even if it's the last week of March, I'll dismiss an event on April First as being "not for a while-- it's in April sometime."

This causes me problems mostly because an infinite number of things can slide into this category in my mental organization without seeming like potential conflicts. The first weekend in April is both LAFLX (Lafayette Lindy Exchange) and a gaming weekend, and objectively I knew both of these things, but since they were both in the World of Tomorrow I never realized them at the same time. Now I have rescheduling to do.

My hope is that if I have a planner, I will have a visual representation of the next couple of months, which is easier for me to remember. My other hope is that I haven't inadvertently offended anyone too much.

Denny's Commercials: I don't watch TV. My television isn't even hooked up for basic channels. Most television-based culture leaves me completely oblivious. However, I saw the Nannerpus commercial in the waiting room at the plasma donation center and the goddamn thing has been stuck in my head FOR DAYS.

That said, I know the Nannerpus was meant as an object of ridicule, a breakfast you would never want, but if I go to Denny's the first thing I am ordering is a Nannerpus. Because it actually looked kind of awesome.

Plasma Donation: I am now subsidized by vampires! They pay me to bleed! This is great!

Peanut Butter & Jelly: I have hated PBJs since I was a child. The combination of peanut butter and jelly always seemed utterly absurd to me. Being adventurous, I tried them again every few years to see if I'd changed my mind, and I always found them just as repulsive as ever...

...until now.


Sunflower Sutra

D&D Quiz from Ryanzzz

Posted on 2009.03.09 at 16:30
Current Location: If there are any GIRLS there, I wanna DOOOO them!
feeling: geekyWhere's the Mountain Dew?
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The first thing I thought upon getting my results was "Oh God, how clumsy do I have to be to have a dex of 9 as an elf? Even with the +2 racial modifier I'm still at a -1."

The second thing I thought was some reflection on how much of a nerd I am.

I cast Magic Missile on the darkness!Collapse )

Sunflower Sutra


Posted on 2009.02.16 at 10:58
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feeling: okayokay
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What is this world coming to?

Today is the one-year anniversary of my father's death. I had prepared for the possibility of being a wreck (I've got the day off because it's Presidents' Day, so I didn't have to worry about work, at least.) There is still a lot of day left, so I can't rule it out, but so far I'm not a wreck at all, nor do I anticipate being one.

It does feel odd to acknowledge that a whole year of my life has gone by for which my father was not present-- a fairly eventful year, at that. I'm living in a town that my father never visited, in an apartment he never saw, working at a job I wasn't even considering when last I asked him for advice. My mom has completely redone their house in preparation for selling it, and she's engaged(-ish) to someone my dad never met-- someone who, as far as I can tell, is not a whole lot like him. I never imagined my life could change so much in such a short time. I like to think he'd be proud of the way I'm handling it all.

Behind the cut, various going-on about my family.Collapse )

That got rather off my original topic, which was this: My dad has been dead for exactly a year, and I'm doing okay. Which is what he would want. I have quoted this particular saying of my dad's several times, but it really summed up the last five years-- "I could be sick and miserable, I could be sick and bitter, or I could be sick and happy. I choose to be happy." I, also, am getting better at just choosing to be happy. Which is good. Yay!

Sunflower Sutra

TraditiONNNNN, says the big fat Jewish musical theater guy.

Posted on 2009.01.03 at 20:54
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feeling: confusedconfused
listening to: Death Cab, "I'll Follow You Into The Dark"
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Year in Review, 2008 EditionCollapse )
So, in other news, I guess my mother's getting married again.

Yeah, I know, right? You'd better believe there'll be more on this one later.

Sunflower Sutra
Posted on 2008.11.19 at 11:51
Current Location: the Crow's Nest
feeling: aggravatedaggravated
listening to: My Friend Robot, "Why Won't You Call Me Back"
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People keep asking why I never blog anymore, and I suppose I don't have a good reason other than laziness. So here I am, blogging. I'm on my lunch break, so this is a brief overview of the general situation.

There really isn't much to say about my life. It feels good to be sneaking up on competence in so many arenas; for instance, I love my job and I'm good at it.  I'm co-teaching an AP French class in what is probably a dubiously allowable maneuver on the administration's part, but I don't mind because I'm delighted to speak French every day and plan conversations and contemporary vocabulary lessons. I dance several times a week and I'm good at that too. I'm financially independent and relatively stable, I read lots, I make tasty and adventurous food every so often. Living with Andy has for the most part gone better and more smoothly than I could have imagined, and I think we might really have something here. In short, I'm passing for a capable adult in most arenas of my life.

That said, I don't sleep very well (for reasons unknown), my usual neuroses are still largely in place, and, as the terse tone of this entry may hint, I'm currently in the grip of a day or two of seething rage (also for reasons unknown.) Due to said seething rage, my tolerance for sarcasm, patronizing, and bullshit is at a particular low today, and the next person to give me sass or one of those metaphorical condescending pats on the head is going to get it good and hard in the teeth. I am praying that this person is not a student, because I would like to keep my job.

On the whole, though, life is good. Life is very good.

Sunflower Sutra


Posted on 2008.11.05 at 10:57
Current Location: the Crow's Nest
feeling: bouncyvictorious
listening to: msnbc live coverage
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Tonight, for the first time in the past eight years, I am proud of my country.

That is all.


Utterly Improbable Awesomeness!

Posted on 2008.10.08 at 14:54
feeling: excitedholy crap!
listening to: Death Cab
You know those radio call-in specials that nobody ever seriously wins? Like, they read the number to call and you call and it's always busy and then they air the clip of some excited lady winning whatever it is and you swear they just made that up and there never was a prize?

Andy called the number on the radio on a whim and actually won. So guess who's going to Death Cab for Cutie on Sunday?

Fuckin' A.


Sunflower Sutra

Comprehensive Bite Report (cf. GTr.)

Posted on 2008.09.28 at 18:02
Current Location: the Crow's Nest
listening to: Regina Spektor, "The Consequence of Sound"
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I started my job as a cross-curricular teacher's assistant at Urbana High School two weeks ago, and so far I've been absolutely delighted with it. The students I assist are taking some really interesting classes (Earth & Space Science, African-American Studies, AP German, etc.) and so I'm learning a good deal. They're all great kids, too, and it's lots of fun to spend the day with them. It also gives me all those lovely grown-up things like health insurance and a retirement fund and a name badge that gives me some measure of authority in the eyes of high-school students.

Since I get out with the kids, it also gives me a lot of free afternoons and not much to do with them. I'm still lagging behind in the friend-making department (although I've been going to regular swing-dancing events and getting to know the people there) so I don't go out a lot. Beyond reading my way through the Urbana Free Library, knitting, and mucking about on the computer, I have discovered that I really like to cook. 

A report of my (well, our) culinary experiments to date includes:
-Zucchini-basil soup
-Lots of homemade pesto
-Vegan ratatouille with meatless Italian sausage
-Cheese-pepper soup
-Fried couscous
-Vegan chicken salad
-Summer vegetable frittata
-Potato-cheese soup with organic bacon
-Parsley & garlic-sauteed chicken
-Key lime pie
-Baba Ghannouj

And, of course, the usual, non-adventurous things like lemon chicken and beer bread and Caprese salad and corn on the cob and all that. As domestic and trite as it may seem, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside to not only be providing for myself, but providing well and deliciously for myself. Hoorah!

P.S. And I just discovered that the UGL has video games. FF7 and Guitar Hero III, here I fucking come!!

Tycho Brahe


Posted on 2008.09.13 at 15:03
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feeling: geekygeeky
listening to: Firefly theme
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I had been holding out for weeks without watching the last episode of Firefly, because I knew that once I got through "Objects in Space" I was going to be glum and cranky for a time. And then I did, and now I am.


There's still Serenity to watch. I suppose it's too much to hope that all of the loose ends get neatly tied up and Mal and Inara just get right the hell on each other already?

Sunflower Sutra

Happy Birthday, Dad

Posted on 2008.08.26 at 22:24
Current Location: the Crow's Nest
feeling: nostalgicI miss my dad.
listening to: Volga Boatmen
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Happy news first-- I got the job at Urbana High School, and I start as a teacher's aide as soon as I get the bloodborne pathogens workshop and the TB test out of the way. YAAAAAY!

Also. Today would have been my dad's 48th birthday, and had he been around I would have sung him all manner of vaguely depressing birthday songs. Instead, I wrote him a letter. I hope to do this every year-- I'll write him a letter and seal it, and then open last year's letter and read it and save it. I'm big on spur-of-the-moment ideas and not long on follow-through, so I'm telling all of you out there in internet-land about this so that it won't just fade into the Susan's Bright Ideas void.

And, because it's traditional, a depressing birthday song.

(Sung to the tune of the Volga Boatmen)
"Happy BIIIRTH-daaay (UGH!)
Happy BIIIIIRTH-daaay (UGH!)
Doom, destruction and despair
People dying everywhere
On your BIIIIIRTH-daaaay (UGH!)
Happy BIIIIIRTH-daaaaay (UGH)"

My grandfather handed that gem down to us. Happy cynical birthday, Dad. I love you.

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